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National Parks

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Panama National Parks

For such a small country, Panama has an abundance of National Parks, 16 in all, each one with its own special attributes and their incredible diversity makes Panama a wonderful destination for ecotourism which is still in its infancy here. There is cloud forest and rainforest as well as desert and ocean to explore.

The parks are; Bastimentos Island, Camino de Cruces, Campana, Cerro Hoya, Chagras, Chiriqui Gula, Coiba, Darien, Friendship, Metropolitan, Omar Torrijos, Portobelo, Santa Fe, Sarigua, Soberania, and Volcan Baru.

Some are virtually inaccessible while the Metropolitan Park is right within the limits of Panama City. ANAM( The National Environmental Authority) is the government body in charge of the parks and permission to visit the various parks can be obtained from their offices in Panama City ( call 315-0869). They have guide services at most parks. There are also tour companies which offer guided tours.