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Investing in Panama

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I am often asked what to invest in here in Panama but first I am always asked WHY should I invest in Panama.

I first studied the benefits of subsidies and government programs available to investors and started learning more about the provinces in Panama after my first visit in 2006. I applied what I had learned when I first invested here in 2007 and as I continue to look for more opportunities, I remember the basics when I look at any deal. A big reason WHY I invested in Panama was to secure assets outside the United States as I felt that the deteriorating factors that contributed to the meltdown in 2008 would weigh heavily on properties and equities there. Furthermore, having been around for a number of past recessions, I knew that this one was different and it was time to get moving before I lost more of my wealth. Good time to sit things out in Panama though I do hear that they have spotted some light at the end of the tunnel back in the US. Or is that someone with a flashlight lost looking for a way out? I still love the US but I love Panama a lot more for a whole lot of reasons, first off and foremost because we have a better quality if life. Might not be rich but we are rich in spirit here.


The next question that I am always asked is WHERE should I invest. The best thing that I can recommend is diversification and that includes product type and regions as well.

Follow us on a journey to places we like. These markets are serviced by both the Panamerican Highway and or major coastal highways as well as by air within an hour from Panama City and each location is less than an hour and a half from an airport, all important when considering a near term investment here in Panama.

Panama City is the epicenter of the financial and business world in Panama as well as the region. People in North, Central and South America travel to and through Panama as do the goods coming from China and Europe transit the Canal. That is why Panama has the second largest Free Trade Zone in the World. Therefore, Panama City is an important region for part of your portfolio of property in Panama. I like the City and specifically Casco Viejo for boutique hotel. night club bar properties. I also like the office condominium market in Costa del Este where I just finished looking at some net leased properties that are for sale. There is a new industrial, flex building market opening up around Tocumen and I see opportunities to invest in that market as well.

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