Panama Corporation Law

Foreign investor, companies and individuals are discovering Panama. Panama encourages investments and businesses to establish corporations in Panama. Panama has outstanding and reputable international banking and financial centers. The legal infrastructure in Panama is setup to help businesses achieve their financial objectives. Panama General Corporation Law crear paginas para cada capitulo.   Chapter 1 – Overview of Incorporation in Panama Chapter 2 – Corporate Powers, the powers associated with incorporating in Panama Chapter 3 – Stocks, each Panama incorporation will have the power to issue stock Chapter 4 – Stockholders meetings, the laws overseeing these meetings Chapter 5 – Board of Directors, each Panama Corporation must have a board Chapter 6 & 7 – Company Officers and Sale of Assets and Franchises Chapter 8 – Mergers, general laws about merging Panama incorporations Chapter 9 – Dissolution, how to dissolve an existing Panama Corporation Chapter 10 – Foreign Corporations in Panama Chapter 11 – Sundry Provisions