Laws Firms in Panama

Sometimes it seems Panama has more lawyers than mango trees. This is hardly surprising in a country with such a strong service industry and more recently with such a boom in the real estate sector and the influx of many foreigners needing legal help. When buying property anywhere in the world it is wise to consult a lawyer. Here in Panama, where land title can be confusing, it is essential to have a lawyer’s advice. The following is a list of law firms offering their services in Panama.

At FLOREZ Y FLOREZ – Abogados we offer legal assistance in different branches of Law. Our main focus is counseling companies to prevent conflicts in labor matters and in its relationship with the different governmental institutions such as the Caja de Seguro Social, Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, the Autoridad de Asuntos del Consumidor y Defensa de la Competencia, among others.
Address: Avenida Samuel Lewis, Edificio COMOSA – Entrepiso uno (1), oficina 5 Phone:  (507) 265-0105 Fax: (507) 265-4927 Mail Address: P.O. Box 0832-1304 WTC, Panama

Arosemena Noriega & Contreras (ANORCO)is one of the most prominent law firms in the Republic of Panama and has engaged in the general practice of law since its founding in 1968. ANORCO works with high standards of loyalty, ethics and respect supported by more than 40 years of legal experience serving both local and foreign clients.The firm is oriented to long-terms relations with clients and seeks to provide a highly specialized and flexible personal service at all times. One of our goals is not only to offer our clients top class legal services, but to keep them well informed of pertinent legal developments.

Address: Elvira Mendez Street Nº10, Interseco Building, 2nd Floor, Panama City E-mail: Web Address: Arosemena Noriega & Contreras Phone:  (507) 366-8400 Fax: (507) 264-4569 Mail Address: P.O. Box 0816-01560, Panama, Republic of Panama


GerliCo Panama based Law Office, with a full range of services and expertise in Ship Registration in Panama, Ship Registration in Jamaica, Offshore Company formation in Panama, Belize, BVI, and Seychelles. Worldwide offices, Lugano, BVI, Belize, Monaco, Riga, Jamaica, Geneva, Rotterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Miami. Tax optimization structures. Representative of the Jamaica Ship registry in Panama. Address: Calle 50, Edificio Global Bank (18th floor, office 1801) E-mail: Web Address: Gerli & Co. Phone: (507) 340-3670 Fax: (507) 340-3671

  Pinzón, Hidalgo & Co. is a law-consultants firm established in 1998, specializing in the attention of the Real Estate Property Rights and all related situations or transactions, at all levels: administrative, taxation, civil, commercial and criminal. Practice areas: Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Taxation, Corporate Law, Private Interest Foundations & Trusts.Furthermore, our personalized performance has been allowing us to represent local and foreign business people and investors in their commercial activities before and with public entities, private companies, law firms and more.

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian. Address: BBVA Building, Small Tower, 4th Fl., Avenida Balboa & Calle 43, Bella Vista, Panama E-mail: Web Address: Pinzon, Hidalgo & Co. Phone:  (507) 225-4883 / (507) 225-3911 / (507) 225-1061 Fax: (507) 225-6312 Mail Address: P.O. Box 0832-0560, World Trade Center, Panama, Republic of Panama

Is a law firm dedicated to providing its clients with a high quality service and personal attention, as lawyers and legal advisors. It is a small firm, associated with various other independent lawyers, selective about the work accepted and the clients they represent. Client Legal Services: Corporate law, Panama Incorporations, Establishing Companies, International Incorporations, Panama Bank Accounts, Commercial law, Panama Immigration, Panama Real Estate Law.

Address: Calle Eusebio A. Morales, Edificio 5, Oficina 1A, El Cangrejo, Panama E-mail: Web Address: Gray & Co. Phone: (507) 264-5630 / (507) 264-5631 Fax: (507) 264-7521

  Is a law firm which encompasses a group of qualified lawyers who tend to the individual needs of a distinguished and diverse clientele drawing on excellent academic credentials and considerable experience across the canvas of the legal services. They are well versed in the complexities of international commercial and financial practices and provide tailor-made, sophisticated solutions to key corporate clients, international institutions and public entities, while remaining committed to offering a partner-led, individualized service to private clients. Client Legal Services: PanamaTaxes, Panama Banking Law, Capital Markets, Panama Maritime Law, Intellectual Property, Privatizations, Litigation and ADR, Public Contracts, Competition Law, Consumer Protection, Panama Insurance and Re-insurance, Administrative Law, Communications, Information Technology, Free Trade Zones, Immigration, Labor law, Environmental Law and Energy.

Address: Calle Aquilino De La Guardia No. 8. Edificio IGRA PB E-mail: Web Address: Icaza Gonzalez Phone: (507) 205-6000 Fax: (507) 269-4891

Molina & Co As offshore service providers and an international law firm, Molina & Co is well known for its practical, creative and cost-effective approach to legal and financial challenges. By developing a comprehensive understanding of the business, political and economic environment in which clients operate, they are able to provide them with highly skilled counseling in a practice involving a dynamic interaction between people, not an interface between institutions. Client Legal Services: Panama Offshore Incorporations, BVI Companies, Panama Foundations, Limited Liability Partneship LLC, Nevis IBCs, Panama Real Estate Law, Panama Offshore Realtors Corp., Copyright, Trademark, Patent Registration, Maritime Law, Taxation Law, Litigation, Investments in Panama, Public Bid Specialist, Panama Immigration Law, Panama Banking Law, Mortage Loans.

Address: Calle 50, Edificio Global Bank (11th Floor, Office 1102) E-mail: Web Address: Molina & Co Phone: (507) 340-3420, (507) 340-3421 Fax: (507) 340-3422

Is a Panama Law firm that specializes in the areas of commercial law (Panama Corporations, Foundations, Commercial Licenses,etc.), Real Estate Transactions, Escrow services, Immigration Services, and Vessel (yacht/ship) Registration. Client Legal Services: Panama Immigration Law, Panama Real Estate Law, Panama Banking Services, Estate Planning.

Address: Calle 41 y Avenida Balboa, Edificio IPASA Bella Vista, Panamá E-mail: Web Address: Panama Offshore Phone: (507) 227-6645 Fax: (507) 227-6485

  Panama Relocation Attorneys is a law firm located in the heart of Panama City. They provide affordable legal packages to guide clients through the investment and relocation process with ease in Panama. Among the services offered are: Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Banking services.  Address: Calle D, El Cangrejo E-mail: Web Address: Panama Relocation Attorneys Phone: (507) 263-1896 / (507) 263-1897