Banks in Panama

Banks in Panama is a big business and Panama’s reputation as a world banking center is undisputed. At recent counting, there were 78 banks registered in the country. Why so many banks in such a small country? Commerce through the Canal and the Colon Free Zone accounts for much of the activity as do Panama’s strong Banking Secrecy Laws. Banking in Panama is regulated by the Panama Banking Superintendency in the following categories: 1. State; 2. General licence; 3. International licence and 4. Representational offices. On March 31, 2008, Panama’s international banking assets amounted to almost $59 billion.

Official Banks
Banco Nacional de Panama In 1904 the Panama National Bank was founded. There are branches throughout the country. Capital $500.000.000,00. Head office: Torre Banconal Vía España y Calle 55, Panama City Mailing address: 0816-05220 Panamá R.P. Teléfono 505-2000 / Fax 505-0236

Caja de Ahorros Panama Panamanian capital. Operating in Panama since 1904 with forty two branches. Capital $97.084.902,62. Head office: Vía España Ave. Manuel Espinoza, Panama Cit. Mailing address: Apdo 1740, Zona 1 Panama R.P. Teléfono 508-1000 Fax 508-1822.

Banks with General LicenseInternational Bank Inc. Nicaraguan capital. Operating in Panama since.1995 with ten branches. Capital $113.565.253 Head office: Calle Aquilino de la Guardia, Edif. Bac Credomatic, Panamá City. Mailing address: Apdo.6-3654 El Dorado Panama R.P. Teléfono 206-2700 Fax 214-7045.

BanCafe Colombia Colombian capital. Operating in Panama since 1988 with one branch. Capital $6.000.000,00 Head office: Ave. Manuel Maria Icaza, Cl. 52 Este No. 18, Campo Alegre. Panama City. Mailing address: 0834-00384 Panama R.P. Teléfono 264-6066 Fax 263-6115.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Spanish capital. Operating in Panama since 1983 with 15 branches. Capital $28.700.000,00. Head Office: Calle 42 y 43 y Ave. Balboa, Panama City. Mailing address: 0816-03396 Panama R.P. Teléfono 207-2100 Fax 207-2200.

Banco General Panama Panamanian capital. Operating in Panama since 1955 with 56 branches. Capital $547.500.000,00. Head office: Urbanización Marbella, Cl. Aquilino de la Guardia, Panama City. Mailing address: 4592 Panama 5, Panama R.P. Teléfono 303-5001 Fax 265-0210.

ICBC Taiwan Republica Popular China. Operating in Panama since 1994 with one branch. Capital $11.060.000,00. Head office: Calle Manuel Ma. Icaza, Panama City.Mailing address: 0823-01030 Panama R.P. Teléfono 263-5522 Fax 223-9960.