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In 1970 the Government of Panama invited writer/publisher Ken Jones to publish a guide magazine to promote the country’s fledgeling tourist industry.  The name selected was “Focus on Panama” and so the company Focus Publications International, S.A. was born; the successful twice-yearly magazine has been published continually since that time and the company grew to be Panama’s major promoter abroad.

We also publish “FOB Zona Libre de Colon”, the directory to Panama’s giant Colon Free Zone, plus a map to guide the hordes of buyers who go there. Another successful publication is the yearbook “Panama Now”.  Our bi-lingual weekly newspaper “The Visitor” provides news and features, especially of events, to tourists and the growing expat community.

Panama Business and Travel is a comprehensive, content-rich, human-edited directory focused on investments opportunities and travel in the country of Panama. It is an affiliate of Focus Publications (Int) S.A., a company that adheres to the highest editorial standards. The value of our site is also based on the quality of sites we accept in the directory, and the usefulness of the information each one contains.

Our goal is provide our investment community with the very best investment news our country has to offer. With world class internet advertising agencies and programmers both in Europe and in the US, www.panamabusinessandtravel.com has now become the largest, most technologically advanced site in Panama.

Panama Business and Travel has over 3,000 investment members in our organizational network of investors interested in news about Panama. PBT provides readers with journalistic in-depth coverage on the different businesses and aspects of the Panamanian economy. Our editors provide high-net worth readers/clients with information that will assist them in making a sound judgment about a particular product, business service, restaurant, hotel and a broad spectrum of features in the Panamanian economy.

Panama Business and Travel has over 5,000 pages in Content and more importantly, Panama Business and Travel already has a captive investment audience of people interested and already coming to Panama.

 "Ken Jones from Focus Publications International"
“Ken Jones from Focus Publications International”
"Rod Robertson from Briggs Capital, Ken Jones from Focus Publications and José Goldner from Panama Business and Travel"
“Rod Robertson from Briggs Capital, Ken Jones from Focus Publications and José Goldner from Panama Business and Travel”